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Every home is unique and, as a result, any solar and battery storage system installed should be treated the same way. The home roof design, its orientation, potential shading, and energy use of the home all impact the type of system that should be installed. Our goal at Traeger Solar is to make sure every installation is designed and installed taking these variables into account so that you receive the best possible results from your solar system.

Our process to get your solar system up and running typically involves:

1. Initial Contact

After an initial phone conversation or email request, and based on developing an understanding of your household energy needs, Traeger Solar will design a solar and/or battery system to match those needs.

2. Product Selection

Once you are pleased with our initial solar and/or battery storage design, one of our in-house expert installers will come to your home to confirm and finalise all the details.  This step is essential and is the most important one as it ensures that all the information is considered allowing for a smooth installation day.

3. Contract Signing

The paperwork is completed and Traeger Solar begin submitting all required documentation to the relevant utility provider, whilst keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

4. Installation Day

The day your solar and/or battery system is installed at your premises and you start producing energy from the sun to help the planet, whilst saving some money along the way.

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